What To Wear For Engagement Photos | The Ultimate Guide

So you just got engaged!! And now your session is right around the corner, but you have no idea what to wear for engagement photos! That is ok! For so many couples, choosing the right outfit for their session is an overwhelming process. That is why I have complied a list of 10 ideas to help you decide on what to wear for your engagement session along with some visual inspiration from previous engagement sessions I have photographed. I hope this list can inspire you and help you find the most perfect outfit to wear for your engagement photos.

What to Wear For Engagement Photos

1. Comfort

During your engagement session, you will be moving around a lot. The last thing you want to worry about is your new jeans that are a little too tight. Or maybe you bought a super cute top, but it just doesn’t fit right. Also consider wearing comfortable shoes. During your engagement session, you will doing a lot of walking and standing. You will want to really enjoy the day and I don’t want your uncomfortable shoes to be the reason you didn’t full enjoy your engagement session. All that said, I encourage you to wear something that you feel confident and 100% yourself in.

2. Personal Style

All in all, your engagement session is about you. What you wear for engagement photos should be a direct reflection of you and your personal style. I suggest not wearing something that you wouldn’t normally wear out on a date. Instead, wear something that makes you feel beautiful, confident and authentically you. You should not feel pressured to wear something that you feel you SHOULD wear, or something your HAVE to wear because that’s what other people are wearing. Your engagement photos should showcase the most genuine version of yourself, so wear something that truly represents your personal style.

3. Add a Pop of Color

Before picking your outfits, work with your partner and come up with a vibe or color palette you want for your engagement photos. This can help you coordinate (which is discussed below) and create photos you both will love. That said, look at your color palette and see if you have something that can add a fun pop of color to your outfit. Maybe an accent piece, an under shirt, a scarf? My photography style focuses on true to life colors and I absolutely love to photograph bold colors. Consider pulling in some more bold and vibrant colors as long as they coordinate with color palette and your overall vibe!

Want to see how a bold color can work in your session? Check out Marian & Jose’s engagement session. Marian wore a bold red jacket and it was the most perfect pop of color. If you need help coordinating colors or want to know if your “pop of color” will work for your session, just ask me!!

4. Add a Touch of Texture or Patterns

Patterns can be tricky, but if you find the right one, they can be a beautiful accent! Try and avoid large or distracting patterns. Consider a small flower, animal or vertical striped prints to add personality to your outfit. Additionally, adding in texture from a sweater, jacket, hat, or skirt can add depth to your photos!

5. Accessories

Accessories are a great way to pull more of your personality into your engagement session. Depending on the season and the location, some fun accessories include scarves, jackets, shawls, hats, earrings, bracelets, belts, boots, necklaces, or other sentimental pieces. All of these can add depth and create visually interesting images. Some of my favorite accessories have been found

6. Compliment Each Other

I am not saying you have to show up to your session looking like twins, but coordinating and complimenting each other’s outfit really makes for beautiful engagement photos. Select a color palette you might like and choose outfits that work within that color palette. Sometimes it helps to select your statement piece first and then build your outfits around that. Definitely communicate with your partner before the session to ensure you are using a similar color palette. This can be one of the most challenging parts of deciding what to wear for engagement photos. If you want to know if something will photograph well or if you and your partner will compliment each other, just ask me!

7. Allow For Movement

My shooting style focuses on capturing movement. During your engagement session with me you will either be running, spinning, picking each other up, jumping and really just celebrating your love in every possible way. That said, I encourage you wear something you can move in, but also something that looks beautiful when you do move. For example: flowy dresses, maxi skirts, shawls, really anything that is fun to move in! I allow my couples to bring multiple outfits. That said, one can be more casual (jeans, overalls, ect) and then something more formal (dresses, skirts etc) so you can really get the best of both.

8. Fit The Location

Consider the location that you will be having your engagement session at and try to compliment the location. Wear something that makes sense and works with the location and the terrain. For example I would not recommend wearing high heels out in mountains or on a beach. Instead I would suggest wearing a cute pair of boots and a pair of jeans with a nice top and a statement jacket. The goal is to select an outfit that makes you look natural in the environment while also standing out in a good way.

9. Compliment Your Skin Tone

You know what colors look best on you more than anyone else. So wear something that really compliments your skin tone! Again, your engagement session should be the most genuine reflection of you and your partner, so wear something the truly flatters you.

10. Wear Layers

Consider wearing layers to prepare for any type of weather. Not only will layers help you stay warm if the weather turns, but layering allows you to have a variety of different outfits and looks! You can add or remove layers throughout the session to create diversity in your engagement photos without needing to bring along additional outfits that require a full outfit change.

What NOT to Wear For Engagement Photos

1. Florescent Colors

Florescent colors can not only be distracting in your engagement photos but depending on how the sun hits your favorite neon pink t-shirt, it may alter the color of your skin tones in your photos. All in all, save your neon and florescent colored clothes for a date night or your best friend’s party.

2. “Trendy” Clothes

Avoid wearing “trendy” clothes. They will date your engagement photos much quicker than you realize. Avoid wearing whatever the new fashion trends are and stick to something classic and simple.

3. Avoid Distractions

I recommend that you avoid any logos. These can be distracting and can take away from the important part of the images, which is you! Steer clear of any sports logos, words or large graphics on your clothes. Honestly, when it comes to your engagement photos, the simpler, the better.

4. Changing Your Hair & Make-up

I would not recommend drastically changing your hairstyle or overdoing your make up for your engagement photos. You want to look back on these photos and feel like yourself and also recognize yourself. The night before your engagement session is not the time to mix it up.

Tip: if you are planning on doing a makeup trial for your wedding, consider doing the trial for your engagement session! It’s a great way to test it out.

5. Brand New Clothes

Make sure you have worn or tried on your outfit before your engagement session. You want to make sure all your clothes fit and that they make you feel confident and beautiful. I do not recommend going out and buying a brand new outfit without trying it on first. You do not want to find out that the beautiful dress you bought online doesn’t quite look like it did in the picture the morning of your session.

6. Avoid Bright White Shirts

Bright white shirts will be overly distracting in your photos. If you want to wear white, consider a softer color that won’t be so distracting such as tan, cream, or nude colors.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Get your engagement ring shined and cleaned. We will be taking lots of pictures of it, so make sure it is picture ready!
  • Have FUN!! Your engagement session is meant to be an exciting time for you and your partner to celebrate your love and upcoming marriage. When you are having fun, your photos turn out better because they show
  • Make it a date: Consider making the whole day a date for the two of you. Grab lunch at a cafĂ© before meeting for photos and then enjoy a hike or happy hour afterwards. Simply use your engagement session as an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Relax: The more relaxed you can be, the more fun we will have. If you have hired me, trust that I will make you look absolutely beautiful!

Online Resources

Check out some of these websites for even more inspiration to help you create your own look for your engagement photos. Not sure what to wear for engagement photos, these resources can help give you some ideas for your outfit and even your color palette. If you do decide to purchase something online, I recommend trying it on before your session and also having a back up plan in case it does not fit. Happy shopping!!

Accessories: Etsy

Dresses: Lulus

Dresses: Baltic Born

Women’s Clothing: Asos

Women’s Clothing: Rent The Runway

Men’s: Macy’s

Planning Your Own Engagement Session

Looking to plan your own engagement session and need some additional inspiration? Check out this epic engagement session in Rocky Mountain National Park

Check out this Engagement Session Guide to help you ROCK your engagement photos!

Learn more about session packages I offer or simply inquire here and let’s get connected! I cannot wait to help you plan the most perfect engagement session!

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