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I am so happy you are here! I honestly can't wait to meet you and dream up the most perfect elopement with you. If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I am addicted to travel and exploring new places (culture, food, you name it). So much of my inspiration comes from the places I travel to and of course you, my beautiful and adventurous couples! If I am not out chasing you and your partner up a mountain or flying overseas, you can typically find me curled up with a cup of peppermint tea loving on my two black labs. Aside from my love for adventure and travel, you've probably guessed that I am incredibly passionate about photography. 

Hey Friend!! I'm Alexa...

Ok let's be real, I absolutely love love! And celebrating two people in love has got to be one of the greatest gift we have. To have the privilege to photograph two people in love is something so special and something that I do not take lightly. Telling one's love story through images is the greatest honor. You, my couples are why I do what I do and why I LOVE what I do. So when you are here, I can promise you will feel loved!

My passion for photography started at a young age. My grandmother was a professional wedding photographer, so I definitely take after her, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I picked up the camera again and found my place. I found so much joy in photographing couples. I am constantly inspired by my couples and their stories. Their bold and adventurous souls and the magic we get to create with the camera is why I wake up every morning to serve you! 

 Are ready for your third wheel, your cheerleader and biggest fan? If you're ready for adventure and to share your love story with the world in a way that is epic and timeless, I'm am your girl. So welcome! I cannot wait to begin OUR journey together!! 

Just a heads up, I have a little bit of a wild soul

I have a passion for photographing couples in love

About Me

All the fun stuff about me

I got engaged to my best friend in Paris while we were traveling through Europe! I eventually said "yes", after saying "no" a few times (Branden will never let me live this down) I was in such disbelief I actually had no other words. We spent the next two weeks traveling to Switzerland, Italy and then back to France. The best part of the trip (aside from getting engaged) was walking through the markets to pick up fresh meat, cheese and bread for a picnic. Every night we were in Paris we would make a picnic dinner on the Champs de Mars and watch the Eiffel Tower light up.   

I got engaged in paris

There's more to me than just photography...

All the fun stuff about me

I have been doing triathlon for 5 years now after I retired as a synchronized swimmer. Since then, I qualified to compete on Team USA at two different world championships in Switzerland and Canada. I have also completed 5 full distance Ironman events and qualified for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships twice now, once in South Africa and once in St. George, Utah. This season I will be attempting my first Xterra event which is simply a triathlon but off road (so mountain biking and trail running). My husband is also an elite triathlete going for his professional racing license this season, so we get to share racing together! He inspires me every day. 

I am an elite triathlete

There's more to me than just photography...

All the fun stuff about me

I am recently scuba certified and I guess you could say that it is quickly becoming another one of my passions! I was lucky enough to have my Father-in-law certify me. This past February, my husband and I went on a dive trip down in the Florida Keys with his family where we dove every day we were there, sometimes multiple times a day. We did the most incredible wreck/deep dives and swam with sea turtles (one of my favorite animals). Scuba diving is one of the coolest feelings and I am so excited to learn and explore more of the underwater world. So if anyone wants to do an underwater session or an adventure session, I'm your girl!!

Scuba Certified

There's more to me than just photography...

All the fun stuff about me

The semester before I graduated college, my sister Ayla and I went on a three month road trip around the United States. We lived out of our car and saw everything east of Montana. Glacier National Park, New York City, Key West, you name it, we most likely saw it! We tasted all the local food and met so many new friends! We spent 90 days on the road and put over 20,000 miles on the car. I couldn't have asked for a better adventure or travel buddy. I absolutely loved life on the road. My sister and I joke that we will never be as cool as when we did the road trip. 

Three Month Road trip

There's more to me than just photography...

All the fun stuff about me

Being in the mountains and mountain top views are by far my favorite!! Any chance I have, you will find me hiking far into the mountains. Even as a kid, I had always loved hiking. I even did a Rim to Rim to Rim through hike of the Grand Canyon for my 16th birthday with my dad and sister. These days, Branden and I have completed a few 14,000ft summits since living in Colorado and you could say we are hooked. So far we have done Grey's & Torrey's, Mt Evans, and DeCaLiBron Series peaks. These views are breathtaking (and a little addicting)!!! My dream is to shoot an elopement on top of one of these 14,000 ft peaks. 

Blazing New Trails

There's more to me than just photography...

All the fun stuff about me

I live to travel!! It is definitely something I am passionate about. There is something so magical about surrounding yourself in a new culture. So far, I have been lucky enough to see a lot of the United States, but have also been to Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, Mexico, Qatar, and South Africa. This images was from our trip to South Africa. My husband and I spent 5 days on safari and saw elephants, lions, giraffes, rhinos, and zebras. This was by far one of my favorite adventures to date! Our next trip is overseas is planned for Fiji or Maldives once travel becomes more available. 

Traveling is a passion

There's more to me than just photography...

All the fun stuff about me

I'm a dog mom through and through! I LOVE my two black labs Jake and Elli. Jake is still a puppy and creates chaos in the house, but he's definitely my editing buddy. We all make space for him on the couch when I buckle down for a long day of editing. Jake is my go to hiking buddy (he is literally down for any adventure), we even got him to go paddle boarding this past summer. Elli is just a sweetheart and a lover. She puts up with Jake and lives every day for treats and snacks. Both of them or incredible hunting dogs and they live for the early mornings in a duck blind. 

HArdcore Dog-mom

There's more to me than just photography...

It is my mission to serve every one of my couples in a way that is compassionate, genuine, and timeless

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It's really no secret that I am addicted to exploring and new adventures. Here you will find a combined list of the locations for my own personal adventures and current bookings. If you would like to catch me at one of these locations to photograph your adventure with discounted or even no travel fees, inquire here and lets create some magic! I am constantly updating this list as my calendar fills up so be sure to check back here if you want to connect!! If you are looking for a particular date or have other questions about the details of your event, just inquire below! 

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