Boulder Elopement- Chautauqua Park

Melanie and Charlie had spent months planning their Boulder elopement at Chautauqua Park. And finally, after months of great anticipation, today was the day to live out their most perfect day! I met Charlie and Melanie at Chautauqua Park in Boulder CO around midday. They had planned for a sunset ceremony and everything was coming together quickly as the sun started to dip behind the mountains. Melanie wanted to do a first look with Charlie before the ceremony. So we picked the perfect spot in a secluded area of the park for them to do their first look. After they shared a few tears and laughs, we all hiked over to the ceremony location that looks out on the Flatirons of Boulder.

An Intimate Boulder Elopement Ceremony

Both Melanie and Charlie decided to include some of their closest friends in their Boulder elopement. They even had one of them officiate the ceremony. It was perfect in so many ways. Intimate, personal, and intentional. After sharing their own vows and exchanged rings, they were pronounced husband and wife. They really made their elopement ceremony unique and personal to them. Everyone cheered as they had their first kiss to mark the beginning of the rest of their lives!!

After their intimate Boulder elopement ceremony we explored the area around the park, took some group pictures and they enjoyed all the newly wed feels! It was pure bliss. The sun continued to set even further behind the mountains so we all decided to head to a second location to get a better view of the sunset. And let me tell you what, it was MAGIC!

Sunset Over Boulder

We all drove high into the mountains until we found a place to park. All of us hiked over on to a rocky outcropping that overlooks the valley and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets. They both enjoyed the view and relished in the excitement of being newly weds! Together, they both explored the rocky cliff soaking in the beauty of the entire day. Their Boulder elopement was definitely something for the books!

After the sun had finished setting behind the snow capped mountains, everyone headed back to the cars. Except on the way back, they realized that they had not signed the marriage license and had to make this Boulder elopement official. Their friend who officiated the wedding ran back to the car and they all signed the license. Melanie and Charlie signed it on each other’s back and their friends used a random bench. It was so chaotic and absolutely perfect all at the same time. Everyone couldn’t help but smile as they casually walked back to the car reminiscing about the events of the day.

The thing I absolutely love about elopements is the endless opportunities for adventure. You can be fluid and flexible with your wedding day without having to stick to a binding schedule. If you want to run off to the top of a mountain to catch the sunset, you absolutely can! Charlie and Melanie did and it was AMAZING!! An elopement day really boils down to the love that two people share together. And that is what makes an elopement so special.

If you are wanting to have your own Boulder elopement or adventure elopement but have no idea how to start, check out this resource, “Planning an Elopement” or just reach out to me! I’d love to help you plan your most epic day!!

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