Sapphire Point Overlook Wedding Elopement

Getting Ready At The Cabin In Breckenridge

Hannah & Billy’s Sapphire Point Overlook wedding elopement started well before they read their vows. I had met them at their Air Bnb in Breckenridge that they had rented out for the week. It was this beautiful log cabin tucked away between the aspen and pine trees. Hannah and Billy had decided that they wanted a few close family and friends to attend their elopement. So they rented the cabin out for all of their guest. It was a great way for everyone to enjoy each other’s company and share the excitement!

When I met them at the cabin, the living room was full of laughter and smiles! Everyone was rushing around getting ready for the ceremony later that evening. I found Hannah upstairs braiding her daughter’s hair. Hannah’s mother was busy putting the final details on Hannah’s dress to make sure everything was perfect. And other family members were running to and from the cars making sure everything was packed.

I found out that Billy and all his groomsmen had been quarantined downstairs on the lower level of the cabin to avoid seeing Hannah prior to the ceremony. Hannah and Billy had wanted to do a traditional first look and wait to see each other for the first time at the ceremony. All the guys were enjoying drinks and playing cards, while they waited to leave for the elopement location.

Final Touches Before Their Sapphire Point Overlook Elopement

After all the final touches were made to Hannah’s dress, she finally stepped into it. She had her mother and daughter help button up her dress. She was radiant! Hannah carefully put on her cowboy boots and some earrings and met the rest of her family downstairs. Hannah’s father was waiting anxiously outside. She had wanted to do a first look with her dad before they left for the ceremony. It was the sweetest moment, they exchanged gifts and some hand written letters. You could see the whole family watching from the cabin window. After everyone stopped crying, they all piled into various cars and drove to the location for Hannah and Billy’s beautiful Breckenridge Elopement.

Before The Ceremony & The Story of The Hat

Billy was already at the ceremony location when I met up with him. They had decided to have a Breckenridge elopement and exchange their vows at Sapphire Point Overlook. Their ceremony took place in mid October which means the air was cool and the leaves were changing. Only the tops of the mountains were covered in snow. The backdrop for their ceremony was as perfect as ever. (Check out Yessenia & Dan’s Winter Elopement for more inspiration from this location).

When I met up with Billy, he was laughing and enjoying the time before the ceremony with his family and his groomsmen. It was nothing but smiles!! They were laughing as they told me the story of Billy’s cowboy hat. Apparently, Billy had left his original cowboy hat back home in Illinois. His best friend, and groomsman, was tasked with finding Billy a hat for his ceremony. It turned out that Billy’s friend tried 3 different western wear shops/boutiques, only to drive over an hour to a location further down the mountain. Here, he finally found the hat that Billy wore for his Sapphire Point Overlook wedding elopement. The hat situation was a running joke throughout the whole day and it seemed to bring everyone to laughter every time it was brought up.

A Sapphire Point Overlook Wedding Elopement Ceremony

Moments later, Hannah arrived at the parking lot a ways up the trail. Everyone found their places either standing beside Billy and the officiant, or watching from the side. Billy faced away from the trail until Hannah was close enough for him to really see her. She walked down the forest trail towards Billy to meet him at the edge of the overlook. They shared a sweet moment before the officiant began the ceremony with a prayer.

Their ceremony was perfect, it included stories about how they met. Moments of laughter, and moments were there wasn’t a dry eye around. They chose to write their own vows for each other which added a little extra sentiment to the ceremony. They had found a way to make their ceremony authentic and personal, they created a unique elopement ceremony. Near the end of the ceremony, the officiant asked for the rings which their son was in charge of. They placed the wedding bands on each other’s ring finger and were eventually pronounced husband and wife! Everyone cheered and celebrated the beginning of Hannah and Billy’s new adventure as a newly wed couple. And just as everyone was hugging and celebrating, it started to rain.

Exploring & Celebrating

Despite some rain mixed with snow, everyone continue to celebrate and relish in the moment. Protected by the lush pine trees, the couple shared their first moments as newly weds, celebrating with their closest family and friends. After taking pictures with everyone, Hannah and Billy were finally alone. There was only an hour left of daylight and the two of them decided to explore the area and simply enjoy each other’s company.

The day was nothing short of magical. The love these two share for each other is simply contagious. Their elopement day was spent surrounded by some of the most loving and supportive people and it could not have been anymore perfect. It was such a privilege to share Hannah and Billy’s Breckenridge Elopement with them.

Vendors and Location

Photography: Alexa Jade Photography

Planning and Coordination: Colorado MicroWeddings

Florals: Ruffly Rose

Officiant: Kaitlin Shea

Venue: Sapphire Point Overlook

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