Engagement Photo Tips: 8 Ways To Help You Nail Your Session

Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

You’re here because you just got engaged or you have an engagement session coming up. Maybe you are feeling nervous or anxious about your session. Trust me friend, that is OK! That’s why I have put together this list of 8 engagement photo tips for couples looking to make the most out of their engagement session! That said, maybe you are here because you are on the fence about taking engagement photos. Well this is your sign to take the leap and book that session. I promise, you will not regret it.

Engagement sessions offer more than jus pretty pictures. For one, your engagement session is a great time to have a test run with the photographer who might be photographing your wedding. You can see if you work well together. This also gives your photographer an opportunity to see how you are as a couple. This will help your photographer to be able to serve you better on your wedding day. Your engagement photos will allow you to look back on this exciting moment in your life. You will have photos to use for wedding invitations and save the dates. The list can go on. If you’re still feeling anxious about the session, keep reading. We are about to unpack so many tools to help you rock that session!!

8 Engagement Photo Tips

Below I have outlined my top 8 engagement photo tips to help you nail your engagement session. If you follow along with some of these recommendations, you will walk away with photos you feel confident about!!

1. Choose a Location That is Meaningful to You and Your Significant Other

Your engagement photos should feel like you. In other words, your photos should embody the relationship between you and your significant other. In order to create more meaning and personality in your engagement photos, I encourage my couples to choose a location that is meaningful to them. For example, if you got engaged at the top of a mountain on a hike, consider doing your engagement photos with your photographer in a location that has mountain views. On the other hand, if you hate the beach and the sand, maybe don’t have your engagement session on a beach. You will want to choose a location that feels comfortable, but also exciting to you. Choose a location because you love the view and it feels like YOU! If you are looking to have your session in Colorado, check out this list of beautiful locations to have your engagement session.

2. Choose an Outfit That You Feel Comfortable In

Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfortable and confident! You will want to feel like your best self during your session. I do not recommend you go out and buy a brand new outfit you haven’t tried on yet! You don’t want to find out right before your session that it doesn’t fit right. Choose an outfit that embodies your personality and really shines through. It you need help piecing together the perfect outfit for your engagement session, check out this outfit guide. I generally encourage my couples to bring two different outfits, one casual and one more formal. This brings variety to their final gallery. Again, choose something that shows your personal style and makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

3. Consider Making a Day Out of it

Do I hear date night?? You bet!! Try to schedule your engagement session on a day that both you and your significant other have off. If that is not possible, try to at least get a few hours off together. Take the time leading up to your session to go out to lunch, grab coffee or enjoy a farmers market. Take some time to laugh together and celebrate your love story. Spending some time together before your session will allow you to feel more connected when the time comes to take pictures. You will feel more relaxed in front of the camera and your photos will feel more natural!

4. Choose a Photographer You Vibe With

This is probably my number one engagement photo tip, so let’s dive in! I cannot stress this enough, but be sure you find yourself a photographer that you vibe with. I promise this one is worth it!! Your will want to feel like yourself in front of the camera. In order to do that, you need to trust and understand your photographer. That said, I encourage new couples to reach out to multiple photographers before hiring someone to take their photos. You want to find a photographer that you REALLY connect with. Someone who can provide you with the best possible experience. I like to jump on a phone call with all of my couples before we meet to make sure that we are a good fit. I strive to make my couples feel cared for and understood. That said, I can honestly say that I am friends with my couples. Because what’s better than taking fun photos with your best friend!

5. Consider Getting Your Hair and Makeup Done

If you normally do not style your hair or don’t know what to do for make up, consider heading to a salon. Pamper yourself a little bit. That said, your engagement session is also a great time to schedule your wedding hair and makeup trial with the artist who will be creating your wedding day look. I say all this with caution though. While it is great to get all dressed up for your engagement session, make sure you do not overdo it on the hair and makeup. You will want to look back on your engagement photos and actually recognize yourself.

6. Bring Props or Fun Things To Make Your Engagement Photos Unique

Aside from choosing a photographer who you vibe with, this is probably one of my FAVORITE engagement photo tips. Typically a week before I meet couples for their engagement session, I jump on a call to finalize details for their session. On the call I talk with them about different props or meaningful items they could bring to the session! I typically encourage my couples to bring things that represent their relationship or help paint the picture of who they are as individuals (ex. coffee, beers, champagne, custom signs, gifts given to you during your engagement, your car if it has meaning, sports equipment if that’s a big part of your life (check out this session of two basketball players), significant blankets or garments, the list goes on) Also, do NOT be afraid to bring your fur babies. Dogs are always allowed at sessions as long as the location permits it! Props and different items you bring help tell the story of your love story. It helps create the image of who you are as a couple and what is meaningful to you.

7. Schedule Your Session Around Sunrise or Sunset

Have a conversation with your photographer about how and when to schedule your engagement session. Chat about the vibe you are going for because that can change the time of day you might meet for your session. I typically book engagement sessions around sunrise or sunset because that is when the lighting is at it’s softest. The lower light creates really beautiful images and we can never pass up a good sunset.

8. Take a Deep Breath and Let Loose a Little

This is the most important of all the engagement photo tips… No really, I mean it!! Your photographer can only do so much in the way of making you feel comfortable and loose in front of the camera. If you choose to be closed off, it will show in your final images. I try to start each session with a little small talk. A chance to get to know my couples even better. Try to use the time leading up the the session as an opportunity to lean into a space where you can let loose and be a little goofy. Don’t take yourself too seriously and simply enjoy the whole experience. By preparing yourself to be a little goofy, you will have a more enjoyable experience at your session. I promise. So take a deep breath and shake it all out! You are beautiful and this is such an exciting time in your life!

Well there you have it!! You have all the engagement photo tips in the palm of your hand. You are NOW ready to go rock your engagement session. If you want more inspiration from other sessions I have photographed, you can find them here! If you want to book a session with me, hesitate no longer!! click this link, I am so pumped to celebrate with you!!

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