Estes Park Engagement Photographer | Stunning Winter Engagement at Lily Lake

Why You Should Hire An Estes Park Engagement Photographer

Estes Park is a popular destination for both native Coloradans and tourists alike. Laced with endless mountain ranges and dotted with stunning lakes and streams, Estes Park is the ultimate destination. Not only is Estes Park beautiful, but it also offers visitors endless opportunities It’s no wonder why so many couples seek the natural beauty of this mountain town as a backdrop for their engagement photos. Even though just about everywhere you turn is picture perfect, I always encourage couples to book a professional Estes Park engagement photographer.

Choosing a photographer who is familiar with the area will ensure that you have not only the best experience but the most stunning photos. As an Estes Park engagement photographer, I offer my couples a handful of unique locations. Many of these locations are more secluded to ensure my couples have privacy. This way they can celebrate their engagement in a more intimate way. When Bri and Cory told me they wanted their engagement photos done in Estes Park, I was THRILLED! I knew we were in for quite the adventure!!

Meeting Cory & Bri For The First Time

I had known Bri and Cory for a few years before they were even engaged. At the time, Bri was my husband’s coworker. We all met at a work related event. We all bonded over our love for the outdoors and country dancing!! Bri was the kindest, most beautiful soul and her boyfriend, now fiancĂ©, was so sweet. They just complimented each other so well. When my husband quit his job, we remained in touch with Cory and Bri and were constantly asking when Cory was going to pop the question to Bri.

They’re Engaged!!

When I heard that Cory finally proposed to Bri, I was ecstatic!! It had been a long time coming and they had the sweetest engagement story. Both Bri and Cory bonded over their love for fishing, and better yet, ice fishing. Cory had planned an ice fishing trip out at Grand Lake, CO for the weekend. They spent two days fishing and camping near the lake. On the last day, Cory tied the engagement ring to the fishing line and dropped it in the water for Bri to reel in. When she reeled it in, Cory was down on one knee, asking her to share the rest of his life with her. It was the most personal and intimate proposal.

When I talked to Bri about it, she was grinning ear to ear and showing off her stunning new engagement ring. She also joked about how crazy Cory must have been to have intentionally dropped her engagement ring into the frozen lake. Bri finished off her story by asking me to be her Estes Park engagement photographer. I was so excited to share this special moment with the two of them in one of my favorite places in Colorado.

Finding The Perfect Location

For weeks we went back and forth chatting about the perfect location for their engagement session. We knew we wanted to incorporate their love for fishing in their engagement photos. Eventually we settled on a lake tucked away in Estes Park, Lily Lake. As their Estes Park engagement photographer, I helped them coordinate all the details to help bring their vision to life. We decided to meet on a colder than normal evening in December.

Lily Lake Engagement Session

We met at the parking lot at Lily Lake, the air was cold and snow clouds were building around us. The weather forecast showed snow later in the evening. When we started taking pictures, it was well below 25 degrees. Bri and Cory fully embraced the cold and we had the most fun celebrating their engagement. WE spent the first part of the afternoon ice fishing. Cory pulled out his brand new auger and showed it off. Bri couldn’t help but laugh as Cory drilled holes into the ice with the biggest smile on his face.

After fishing and enjoying a few drinks, we went back to the parking lot and Cory and Bri changed into their formal clothes. They then spent the evening dancing on the frozen lake as the sun set behind them. By now the temperatures were dropping, but Bri stuck it. Strutting her stuff and showing off her beautiful maroon dress. Cory and Bri had the most perfect engagement session outfits!!

A Frozen Lake And The Setting Sun

When the sun finally set behind the mountains everyone was frozen. Bri curled up next to Cory who helped warm her up and they shared a few sips of whisky to really warm up. With the sun completely set, we raced back to their truck and they grabbed a few photos with their sweet puppy. We took a few moments to warm up and then enjoyed each other’s company as the first few snow flakes began to fall.

Booking Me As Your Estes Park Engagement Photographer

Are you recently engaged? Maybe you are looking to take your engagement photos in Estes Park? I would love to be your Estes Park engagement photographer or even help you plan an epic engagement session. For more engagement session planning guides or to book with me, contact me here! I cannot wait to meet you!

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