Spring Elopement: Boulder Wedding Photographer

bride and groom run through a field of wildflowers in Boulder Colorado

A Beautiful Spring Elopement In Boulder

When Rita and Matt reached out to have me be their Boulder wedding photographer for their elopement in Boulder Colorado I was absolutely thrilled. From the moment I received their initial inquiry to the first phone call with them, I knew that Rita and Matt had something special. A love that was rare and beautiful. I simply couldn’t wait to be their Boulder wedding photographer.

Boulder is such a beautiful place to elope in. From the epic nightlife you find on Pearl Street to the adventure you can find only a few miles into the mountains, Boulder really seems to have it all. There are so many places in and around Boulder that makes it the perfect place to elope. So when Rita and Matt said they wanted to elope in Boulder I was SO pumped and could not wait to help them plan their dream elopement. But even more, I couldn’t wait to capture their wedding day on a beautiful spring afternoon.

The Wedding Day: Getting Ready In Boulder

After months of planning, multiple phone calls and placing the final touches on all the details, it was finally Rita and Matt’s wedding day. On the morning of Rita and Matt’s wedding, I met Rita at a small air bnb in the heart of Boulder. The air bnb was bold and vibrant, just like Rita. She really picked a perfect getting ready location. It was so much fun spending the early part of the afternoon with Rita and her closest friends. They enjoyed a few snacks and took their time putting the final touches on their wedding day look.

Eventually, Rita stepped into her wedding dress and she had her mom zip up the back of the dress. Everyone was on the verge of tears. It was such a special moment between Rita and her mom. And as Rita’s Boulder wedding photographer, I loved every second of those candid and raw moments. After Rita was all dressed, the girls insisted on having a few photos taken together at the air bnb before we left. All of her friends wore these bold and vibrant dresses which made for the most amazing group photos. With everyone laughing and smiling from ear to ear, Rita and I left for Chautauqua Park to meet Matt for their “first look”.

First Look At Chautauqua Park: A Boulder Wedding Photographer’s Dream

When we arrived at Chautauqua Park, Matt was already there. Anxiously waiting his bride to be. When we got to the park, the field was STUNNING! Wildflowers were blooming and the grass was a vibrant green due to all the rain the past few weeks. Check out this post for more Boulder fall elopement inspiration. I met up with Matt in the middle of a grassy field and introduced myself as their Boulder wedding photographer. I helped Matt get into position to meet Rita for the first time. Afterwards, I raced back to Rita’s car to bring her into the field.

Rita took a deep breath, then walked across the thick grass to meet Matt. She tapped him on the right shoulder. And as Matt turned around, the tension and anticipation hung in the air. They met each other’s eyes and all the anticipation melted away. They took each other’s hands and wrapped their arms around each other. Tears turned into smiles and laughter as they began to joke around and relish in the excitement of their elopement day. Afterwards, we spent the next few hours exploring the park and enjoying each other’s company.

When I say that Rita and Matt “frolicked in the field of wildflowers” I really mean that they frolicked in the tall grassy field. And it was EVERYTHING!! I don’t think these moments could have been anymore perfect. They slow danced under the sun and shared memories of the years that brought them to this perfect moment. After indulging in the beauty of the park, we packed everything up and headed into the mountains to meet their family and friends. It was time for their elopement ceremony.

Beautiful Ceremony At Sunrise Amphitheater

We drove up the mountain to Sunrise Amphitheater which was to be the location for their wedding ceremony. When we arrived, all of their friends and family were waiting for them at the overlook. Everyone enjoyed a few drinks and a few hordurves including macaroons and chips and salsa. It was the most perfect spread. One of Rita’s friends announced that Matt and Rita had arrived and they were ready to begin the ceremony. Everyone got into position as the music started to play in the background.

Matt walked down towards the overlook with his mom. Then Rita followed not far behind with her mother. Everyone was in tears as Rita’s mom hugged her and returned to her seat amongst Rita and Matt’s friends and family. Then the ceremony began. One of Rita’s friends said a few words and welcomed everyone to the beautiful union of Rita and Matt. Afterwards, Matt had two of his close friends say a few words before Rita and Matt faced each other to exchange their own vows. Their vows were filled with stories and special moments they had shared throughout the years. After exchanging vows, they presented each other with the wedding bands. The rings were exchanged and then one of Rita’s friends said a few final words before pronouncing them husband and wife!! They shared a beautiful first kiss on top of the overlook that looked out on the entire city of Boulder.

The Last Few Moments On Top Of The World

After taking some time to celebrate with family and friends, Rita and Matt prepared everyone to take some group photos. They had an incredible view of Boulder. (Despite the haze in the sky due to wildfires in Canada). Everything was perfect. After everyone congratulated the newly weds, their guests left Sunrise Amphitheater for the reception that would take place later in the evening. Rita, Matt and I stayed behind and captured a few more photos together at the top of the overlook. From here it really felt like you were standing on top of the world. It was all so magical. From the moment Rita and Matt reached out to me to be their Boulder wedding photographer, to the final image taken on the top of the mountain. Everything was perfect. And it was such an honor to be apart of such a special day. Cheers my friends!!

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