Where to Get Ready The Morning of Your Wedding Day

Deciding Where To Get Ready The Morning of Your Wedding Day

All of the wedding details have been finalized. You have carefully selected all of wonderful vendors who will help you bring your wedding day to life. All that’s left is choosing where to get ready the morning of your wedding day. Whether it be a hometown wedding or a destination event, the location you choose to get ready in is just as important as all the other elements of your wedding day. Below I have compiled a list of all the things to consider when choosing a “getting ready” space. I have also included some different location ideas to help you get those creative vibes flowing!

Size of The Space

One of the most important things to consider when deciding where to get ready the morning of your wedding day is the size of the location. First think about how many people are in your wedding party. Don’t forget to also include any family members who might be joining you in the morning for their own preparations. Is the space big enough for your wedding party to get ready without having to share any small spaces?

You will also want to find a space with plenty of mirrors and bedrooms. This way, everyone has a space to comfortably prepare. Also make sure the space has PLENTY of mirrors. There’s nothing worse than having everyone huddle over the same hand held mirror. Does the space also have enough places to hang dresses or suits that may need to be steamed and/or pressed? Finding a space big enough for everyone to move around comfortably will ensure the morning of your wedding day is enjoyable and low stress.

Natural Light

When choosing a space to get ready in, make sure the location has an adequate amount of natural light. Natural light is a game changer when it comes to your wedding photos. I promise, you will thank me later when you receive your final gallery. Look for accommodations with lots of windows. The larger windows the windows the better! Also consider some nice outdoor spaces such as a front porch or backyard to help offset the darker accommodations.

Outdoor Space

Most of your wedding day morning will be spent indoors getting polished and dressed to the nine. That said, I recommend finding a location that has beautiful outdoor spaces. This will allow you and your wedding party an opportunity to step outside and get fresh air. Not only that, but outdoor spaces such as balconies, porches, backyards, front yards, etc allow for beautiful photo opportunities. These spaces are perfect for group shots of you in your wedding day robes or pajamas. Or even those fun champagne and mimosa shots! Having a nice place to get fresh air and be outside is always a bonus, but having complimentary indoor/outdoor spaces will add variety to your wedding photos (Check out this inspiration).

Distance From Your Venue

I cannot stress this enough, but you will want to find a “getting ready” location that is close proximity to your wedding venue. If you choose a location that is far away from your venue that extra drive time will cut into your wedding day timeline and experience. This additional drive time could also be cutting into your photographer’s coverage time. (Many photographers shoot continuous coverage and this DOES include drive time between locations). You will want to spend as little time in the car traveling between locations. That said, I recommend choosing a location that is relatively close to your venue to minimize travel time.

PRO TIP: even if a location is recommended by the venue, it may not be the BEST option for you and your wedding party. Look around and do some research before selecting a location. (I am happy to help my couples in this process, just reach out!)

Aesthetic & Cleanliness

This is where you get to express your personal style! Choose a location that fits the vibe of your wedding day. Pay attention to the aesthetic of the getting ready location. Ex. if you’re getting married in the mountains, consider a cabin. If its a beach wedding maybe a beachside villa or a bungalow. Find a place that works WITH your venue. Creating a sense of cohesion with your wedding venue and your getting ready space will create cohesion in your wedding photos.

Aside from the overall aesthetic, the cleanliness of the location is equally important. I do not mean the amount of dust on the shelves or the smell of the bedroom sheets (although, yes, that too is important). When I say cleanliness, I am rather talking about the business of the backdrop within the space. Ensure the location does not have a lot of clutter. This ensures that the background of your photos are clean. You will not want to be distracted by the clutter in the back but rather on the moments captured in your images.

Locations to Consider

Choosing where to get ready on your wedding day may seem like an overwhelming task. But rest assured, this process is suppose to be a fun and exciting part of your wedding day! Here are some ideas to help you with your “getting ready” location search.

  • Air BnB
  • VRBO
  • A local salon
  • Hotel
  • At your venue (if they have adequate space that check your boxes)
  • Bridal suits
  • At your home or family member’s home

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