3M Curve Elopement In Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park attracts thousands of visitors each year to explore the rugged mountains and surround themselves in the natural beauty of the park. It is an outdoor playground for anyone looking to find an adventure. That is why it is such a popular destination for couples looking to have a National Park elopement. With over 10 ceremony sites to choose from, you can’t go wrong with having a Rocky Mountain National Park elopement. For more information on how to have a Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement, you can check out this post! That said, one of the best locations, in my opinion, is 3M curve. (But we can let the pictures speak for themselves). So when Kara and Conrad reached out to have me photograph their 3M Curve elopement in the National Park, I was THRILLED!!

The Day of The Elopement

It was the afternoon of their 3M curve elopement and excitement was running high!! When I arrived at their airbnb on the day of their wedding, everyone was racing around putting final touches on their wedding day look. Kara and Conrad chose to elope with their closest family members. They invited everyone to stay together at the main cabin in Estes Park the night before their elopement.

Kara was in the downstair bathroom with her mom who was helping her make the final makeup selections and touch up her hair. Upstairs I found Conrad laying out his wedding suit. He was asking everyone around what their thoughts were on his shoe options! haha! Anyone who walked past the main room was asked for their opinion on what shoes looked the best. Once that debate was settled, it was almost time to head over to the venue. But not before Kara stepped into her wedding dress.

Kara’s wedding dress was the most perfect dress for her 3M Curve elopement. It was light weight and so elegant. The detailing played on some of the natural elements you would find in the park and it fit her beautifully. Kara had her mom help her button up the dress, which turned out to be more of a challenge than anyone thought. After celebrating the success of finally buttoning up the dress, everyone loaded into the cars and made our way to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Entering The National Park

Everyone made their way from Estes Park into Rocky Mountain National Park. After checking in with the ranger at the park entrance, we all met at a parking area. Once everyone grouped up, we proceeded into the park towards 3M curve for their elopement ceremony. The road into the park takes visitors on a scenic tour through the valley before climbing into the trees. The views become simply breathtaking as you climb higher. It’s also not uncommon to see a herd of deer or even elk grazing on the side of the road. As you come around the final curve, the parking area for 3M curve is positioned at the edge of an overlook. With views of the mountain range that will take your breath away.

The Ceremony At 3M Curve

Once everyone arrived at the location, we all made our way down to the ceremony site. Everyone except Kara. She waited in the car to ensure that Conrad did not see her. Everyone took their place around the overlook. Conrad then walked his mom down the aisle towards the front of the group before turning around to enjoy the view and wait for Kara to arrive.

Kara made her way from the parking area, down the narrow trail before arriving at the ceremony site. Her father met her at the edge of the tree line and together they walked down the dirt path to meet Conrad at the edge of the overlook. Once Kara got closer to Conrad, he turned around and saw his bride for the first time. Conrad was overwhelmed with emotion. They shared a few laughs, exchanged a few tears and then allowed their friend, the officiant, proceed with the ceremony.

The 3M Curve elopement ceremony was BEAUTIFUL! Kara and Conrad’s friend told stories of how they met and captured everyone’s heart with his sweet words of wisdom. He opened up the space for Kara and Conrad to share personal wedding vows and exchange wedding rings. The sun was beginning to set and you could feel the temperature drop. But the warmth that hung in the air from the love and joy that surrounds this couple was tangible. The officiant then announced Conrad and Kara as husband and wife. They then shared a kiss to mark the start of the next chapter in their love story!

The Celebration Begins

The couple then took some time to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends! Everyone was hugging each other, laughing, smiling and showered Kara and Conrad with well wishes for the future. As the sun began to sink further behind the mountains, Kara and Conrad’s family and friends returned to the cabin in Estes Park for the night. And for the first time, Kara and Conrad finally had a moment to share alone. As a newly wed couple.

They started by signing their marriage license! They made their marriage OFFICIAL as they chose to sign the license on each other’s back. Afterwards, Conrad broke out their custom bottles of whiskey that they had bought for their elopement day. Conrad poured them each a drink and they toasted to a lifetime of love, adventure and happiness in their marriage. They spent a few quiet moments enjoying the view, sharing stories about the morning they spent apart. And they both laughed at Conrad’s shoe dilemma from that morning.

Dancing Into The Night

By now the sun had completely sunk behind the mountains and the sky was mixing with different shades of blue, purple and pink. They decided to spend some time exploring the area as the sky continued to change colors. Kara found a beautiful spot to share their private first dance. And the two of them swayed back and forth as they snuggled even closer together. Enjoying the beauty of the setting sun and the peace of the mountain.

Eventually it had become too dark to even see, but that did not stop their adventure. They had planned to enjoy every moment of their elopement day. And that included stargazing and hiking around by lantern light. They snuggled up on a rock and watched the last bit of color vanish from the sky before the sky turned pitch black. After enjoying the stillness of the night and the closeness of each other, they eventually decided it was time to head back to the cabin in Estes Park. They had planned to continue the elopement day celebration with a private dinner with their family and friends.

Kara and Conrad had the most PERFECT elopement day. It was one that focused on their love for each other with still including their family and friends. They even had a “just us” experience like they wanted to. So if you are sitting there thinking to yourself, “heck YES! I want a 3M Curve elopement!” Let’s freaking do it!! Go ahead and contact me here and let’s start planning your unique adventure elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park! I honestly cannot wait to meet you. Your adventure is sure to be one for the books!

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