Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding

When you think of the Denver Botanic Gardens, you think of spring time. Everything is in bloom and the trails are overflowing with beautiful flowers and lush greenery. But Kate and Mike wanted something unique. They wanted something different for their intimate wedding. Which is why they decided to celebrate their wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens in the winter.

Bride and groom share a kiss while sitting on a bench in the Denver Botanic Gardens

Winter Weddings At Denver Botanic Gardens

Every year, from mid November to the first week of January, the Denver Botanic Gardens transforms into a spectacle of lights. Despite the barren trees and lack of blooming flowers, the gardens become a playground for those seeking the festival lights during the winter months. From twinkling stars in the trees, to a tunnel of racing lights, there is something here for everyone. And for Kate & Mike, this was the PERFECT place to read their vows and celebrate their marriage with family and friends.

First Look

I met Kate and Mike on an unusually warm afternoon in December. Kate & Mike were planning to do a “first look” in front of the green house which was buried deep within the gardens. I met up with Mike first to make sure he was facing away from the main path where Kate would enter. He was so nervous waiting for Kate, so we passed the time talking about triathlon. (He had done a few triathlons in the past few years and at the time I was training for the world championships). After exchanging racing stories, we caught word that Kate was approaching! Mike turned around and anxiously waited…

The first look these two shared was something so special. Mike was so excited to see Kate and Kate was just glowing. The love these two shared for each other was simply infectious and just about had me in tears. When Mike saw Kate for the first time, he managed to hold back a few tears. They took a few minuets to enjoy the moment and reminisce about all their adventures that had led them to this point. After sharing a “first look” together, they ushered their family and friends into the greenhouse so they could begin the ceremony.

A Botanic Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Tucked away in the corner of the gardens, the green house was lit up with warm strands of lights. Beautiful lanterns laced the corners of the green house. Kate and Mike’s guests all took their seats and watched as Mike made his way up the aisle. After Mike took his place at the front of the room, Kate’s daughters made their way into the greenhouse. The girls took their seat. And Kate began walking up the aisle with her brother where she met Mike at the front.

The ceremony for this Denver Botanic Gardens wedding was something straight out of a fairytale. They included a handful of readings from the bible, that each of their children read aloud. One of their family members also officiated the ceremony. Each element of their ceremony was carefully planned. It created a ceremony that was so unique and personal to them. (Looking for inspiration? Check out these tips to make your wedding ceremony unique and personal to you.) To finish it off, they shared their own vows and exchanged custom made rings. After a few closing words, Mike and Kate were announced “husband and wife” and they shared their first kiss as a newly wed couple!! Everyone rejoiced and celebrated the start of their new lives together!

Exploring the Denver Gardens

We spent some time after the ceremony exploring different areas of the Denver Botanic Gardens. The newly weds spent time laughing and celebrating with all their guests. Appetizers were shared and everyone was overjoyed with love for these two. While the green house was being cleared for their reception, Kate, Mike and I went back out into the gardens after the sun went down. We relished in the beauty of the festival lights! It was so exciting to see the gardens completely transformed after the sun had set. After exploring the gardens a little more, we returned to the greenhouse for their intimate reception with friends and family.

A Reception Under The Stars

Surrounded by the trees, potted plants, and holiday lights, the green house became a beautiful oasis. All of Kate and Mike’s guests gathered around a long banquet style table. Mike raised his glass and made a toast to his new wife and family. Everyone smiled, clinked their glasses, and took a few sips. Kate then led everyone in a prayer; holding hands in celebration of the day’s events.

After enjoying a meal as a united family, Kate and Mike stepped outside to share their first dance. They slow danced under the stars to their favorite song. With a winter breeze rustling the trees overhead, the festival lights began to light up the dark corners of the gardens. Guests split off in smaller groups to explore the grounds and enjoy the glorious display of lights and festive music. It was the most perfect ending to a beautiful wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

snowflake lights at Denver Botanic Gardens

Planning Your Own Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding

Dreaming of your own wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens? Maybe you’re not sure where to start? No worries my friend. You can either contact me here and I can help you with all the planning details. Otherwise, you can start by reaching out to the Denver Botanic Gardens to reserve your date. Feel free to also check out this free guide on “How to Plan an Elopement” to start inspiring your own adventure.

Cheers! And Happy Planning!!

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