Best Places To Elope in Colorado: Colorado Elopement Guide

You have decided to elope in Colorado. You know that Colorado is a place full of adventure and stunning back drops. But choosing to elope is only half the battle! Now you have to decide WHERE you want to elope. You have to decide where you want to share your vows and what you want to experience on your elopement day. Choosing the perfect location can be tricky and even overwhelming. With questions regarding travel time, proximity to the airport, permits and fees, it’s no wonder why you are here. That is why I have created this complete list of some of the best places to elope in Colorado. My hope is that this list will help inspire you and help you pick the most perfect place to elope.

Best Places To Elope In Colorado

  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Colorado National Monument
  • Grand Lake
  • Garden of The Gods
  • Chautauqua Park Trails
  • Sunrise Amphitheater
  • Lake Isabell
  • Sapphire Point
  • Golden
  • Guanella Pass
  • Loveland Pass
  • Telluride
  • Vail
  • Maroon Bells Amphitheater
  • Estes Park
  • Leadville
  • Great Sand Dunes
  • Horsetooth Reservoir
  • Lost Gultch
  • Secret Locations

Consider The Time of Year

Choosing the best place to elope in Colorado requires you to consider the time of year you want to elope. Consider what activities you would like to do on your elopement day. Use that inspiration to help you pick your elopement location. Here’s a list of some ideas of what you could do during each season in Colorado.

Seasonal Activities

  • Spring: hiking, skiing, biking,
  • Summer: hiking, biking, horseback ridding, paddle boarding, kayaking, rock climbing
  • Fall: hiking, biking, horseback ridding, aspen hunting, camping
  • Winter: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, ice fishing, snow tubing, cross country skiing

Once you have an idea of what type of weather you would like to experience and what activities you want to do on your elopement, now you can pick your location. Some of these locations will not be accessible during certain parts of the year; so feel free to reach out and ask! I am here to be your ultimate guide throughout your elopement!


Determining whether or not the location you want to elope needs a permit can be confusing. That said, not every location in Colorado requires a permit, but the most popular ones do. That said all of Colorado’s National Parks, some wilderness areas and other protected areas DO require permits to elope. These permits will need to be obtained well in advanced to ensure your location is reserved for you. The permit will also grant you permission to utilize that space. I am more than happy to help you obtain or answer any questions regarding wedding permits in Colorado. Again, I know it can be confusing so feel free to contact me here.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most well known locations in Colorado. It is known for the endless miles of hiking trails and its vast amount of wildlife. It is not uncommon to come across elk, deer, moose, foxes, black bears and various species of birds. Rocky Mountain National Park is also home to the longest and highest paved road in the United States. It is called Trail Ridge Road and it runs through the park connecting Estes Park to the Grand Lake area. Despite only being open in the summer, the road offers visitors breath taking views. It is no wonder many people consider the national park one of the best places to elope in Colorado.

Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument is probably one of the most underrated locations in Colorado. Located near Grand Junction, Colorado National Monument is known for its shear sandstone walks, and dramatic canyons. This area is more of the high desert landscape which makes it one of the best places to elope in Colorado in the winter. Colorado National Monument gives visitors all the Utah feels all while staying in the state of Colorado.

Grand Lake

Located near Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake offers beautiful mountain views and access to the deepest lake in Colorado. The town of Grand Lake allows for easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding National Forest areas. This area draws diverse wildlife to the waters edge. It is a great place for hiking, camping, fishing, biking, horseback riding and so many other exciting activities.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods has a unique terrain in comparison to the other locations on this list. Located in the Colorado Springs area, Garden of the Gods is known for its red sandstone rock formations. Laced with miles of hiking and rock climbing trails, Garden of the Gods is the perfect location for those looking for a outdoor adventures.

Chautauqua Park Trails

Located in Boulder, CO, the Chautauqua Park offers stunning views of the Flatirons. The Flatirons are five distinct rock formations that sweep along the foothills. This location is situated at the base of the foothills amongst a wide open field with easy access. At Chautauqua park, there is a dense trail system that allows you the opportunity to explore more of the surrounding area. You can even hike up to the Flatirons for a better view of the city of Boulder. For an even better vantage point, you can continue your adventure up Flagstaff mountain for more views of the city.

Sunrise Amphitheater

This outdoor venue requires you to drive up the winding road of Flagstaff Mountain. Positioned between the pine trees and overlooking the city of Boulder, Sunrise Amphitheater is the perfect location for anyone looking for stunning views with easy access. Sunrise Amphitheater is wheelchair accessible and can be reserved through the city of Boulder. This location is especially stunning at sunrise (hence the name) because of its position facing east. This offers couples the opportunity for BEAUTIFUL sunrise pictures!!

Lake Isabelle

Lake Isabelle is one of the best places to elope in Colorado for those looking to hike on their elopement day. Located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, this is a 5.5 mile out and back trip. The trail leads visitors to a crystal clear alpine lake that is surrounded by mountains. Along the shoreline, you will find dense pine forests which is home to deer and moose. In the spring and summer, visitors can enjoy fields of wildflowers.

Sapphire Point

Overlooking the Dillion Reservoir, Sapphire Point is probably one of the most popular elopement locations in the Dillion/Breckenridge area. (Check out Yessenia & Dan’s winter elopement here or Hannah & Billy’s fall elopement here). This location can be accessible essentially year round and is relatively easy to access. To reach the overlook, it is a 5 minute walk on a flat gravel path. This makes it even accessible for some of your more elderly guests. The overlook is only a 15 minute drive from Breckenridge making it the perfect location for couples looking for lodging in Breckenridge.


The city of Golden is located just outside of Denver and is surrounded by mountains and various mesas. Golden is a unique location where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. This offers a landscape that is unique and available for hiking, biking, camping and horseback riding. Golden was a former gold rush town and to this day holds on to some of that history. The town is home to family owned restaurants and coffee shops dotted along the main street of the town.

Guanella Pass

Guanella pass is a high elevation scenic byway that winds through the Rocky Mountain range. Located near Georgetown, Guanella Pass is most known for its beauty come fall. The high concentration of aspen trees make for a vibrant spectacle when their leaves start to change color. The byway is easily accessible by car and many of the overlooks can be easily accessed by your older guests. Winding through the mountains, visitors have the opportunity to see vast mountain views, rushing streams and open fields.

Loveland Pass

Loveland Pass sits at almost 12,000 ft of elevation and is accessible year round (pending road conditions and snow fall). Pass Lake, however, is a pristine alpine lake tucked in a field that is accessible in late spring and summer. The wide open spaces at the top of pass offers 360 degree views of the mountains and surrounding areas.


Telluride is a beautiful mountain town located deep in the mountains. Known mostly for skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, Telluride is absolutely stunning year round. From hiking to off roading, Telluride is a beautiful place to elope. The city runs its Gondolas year round which makes for a fun adventure to the top of the mountain. The Gondola is a great option for bringing guests to the top for your ceremony. If hiking is something you and your partner enjoy, there are so many beautiful hikes up to waterfalls or into the mountains. Telluride has a more upscale vibe. If you don’t love the upscale vibe of Ouray is another option. Ouray is a more rustic mountain town that might be more of your style while also offering equally AMAZING mountain views.


Known for its impressive ski resorts and other winter activities, Vail offers many other year round activities. Vail has opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. This is one of the best places to elope in Colorado during the winter. It really is the perfect place for a winter themed elopement with access to the ski slopes and cozy mountain lodges.

Maroon Bells

This is one of the more popular locations in Colorado and rightfully so. The Maroon Bells or “The Bells” is located just outside of Aspen, CO. Known for its wine colored bell shape, The Bells overlook a pristine alpine lake. Around sunrise, The Bells give off a red hue which makes it such a popular sport for visitors around the world. Many argue that it is the most famous mountain in the state of Colorado. Considering its popularity, you do need a permit to elope here. That said, it can also be challenging to avoid crowds. Reach out if you are interested in this location and we can work together to find a secluded location for your ceremony.

Estes Park

Estes Park is one of my favorite places in Colorado… (I am a little bias, this is where I married my husband). Located just outside Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park serves as a base camp for those seeking adventure in the National Park. It is not uncommon to see Elk, deer, and even moose walking through the streets of town. Estes Park is positioned near Lake Estes and is built along a river. This allows visitors to explore the Riverwalk. Along the river, there are so many fun boutiques, candy stores, ice cream shops, and restaurants to explore.


Tucked in the mountains, Leadville was historically a Victorian era mining town. This mountain town is surrounded by hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Many of which lead to alpine lakes and epic mountain backdrops. Leadville allows for easy access to the San Isabel forest area. This area offers endless opportunities for couples to find unique locations for their elopement.

Great Sand Dunes

If you are looking for a unique landscape, you will definitely find it at the Great Sand Dunes. This location truly is a magical place- a collection of towering sand dunes surrounded by snow capped mountains, there really is nothing else like it. Here you can hike, run, slide, and sandboard down the dunes. You can even set up camp in a secluded location which is perfect for stargazing. In the nearby town, there is also plenty of lodging opportunities with easy access to the nearby hot springs!!

Horsetooth Reservoir

Located in Northern Colorado near the city of Fort Collins, Horsetooth Reservoir is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. With beautiful overlooks positioned around the reservoir and miles of hiking trails, couples can find all sorts of outdoor activities. From hiking, to biking, paddle boarding, boating, rock climbing, fishing and even scuba diving, couples can have it all. Only a few minutes from Fort Collins (home to TONS of breweries, fun little boutiques, shops, and bars) Horsetooth Reservoir is the perfect location for couples looking to fully enjoy Colorado.

Lost Gulch

Lost Gulch is another Gem tucked along the winding road of Flagstaff Mountain. This area is easily accessible and surrounded in boulders. When sitting amongst the boulders it feels like you are on top of the world overlooking a cliff. Below you will see the entire city of Boulder. There are tons of other hiking trails nearby that you can explore, making this a perfect location for a full day adventure. Lost Gulch is incredibly popular, so reach out to see how we can create a private ceremony at a nearby location.

Secret Locations

Often times, couples find that the best places to elope in Colorado are the little less known locations. Something that is off the beaten path. I have a list full of epic locations for those bold and adventurous couples to explore. So if you are looking for something more; or maybe something a little different, please reach out to me! Go ahead and fill out the form here and let’s start planning your epic adventure!!

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