Sapphire Point Elopement

Yessenia & Dan’s Sapphire Point Elopement

The day before Yessenia & Dan’s Sapphire Point elopement, temperatures were reaching 65 degrees. However, in less than 24 hours, the same location was expecting multiple inches of snow and a drastic drop in temperature. That’s the thing about Colorado in the spring time. It is not uncommon to experience drastic weather changes. One moment it can be bright and full of sunshine, and the next, there will be snow storm rolling in.

I remember jumping on the phone with Yessenia the night before her elopement. We talked about our plan for her day. She was definitely nervous about the changing weather and the potential for snow. I assured her that the snow will make for some STUNNING images, but they just needed to come prepared. I suggested bringing warm clothes, blankets and potentially umbrellas if they wanted to stay dry.

Setting Up Sapphire Point Overlook

I met up with Dan at Sapphire Point in the early afternoon. I had told him I would come and help set up the ceremony space so that way we could start on time to hopefully avoid the worst of the storm. When I got there, he had recruited his family to help set out chairs and clear any visitors that lingered at the overlook. His mom was helping him with his boutonniere. The officiant, who was a family friend, was running through the ceremony with Dan on last time before Yessenia showed up. She was staying at a nearby lodge with her family and friends and had spent the morning getting ready.

Elopement Ceremony At Sapphire Point: The Calm Before The Storm

The clouds began to move in over the overlook. That was when Yessenia arrived at Sapphire Point for her elopement. She made the long walk down the trail towards the overlook where she met her father. Together, they would walk down the makeshift aisle Dan and his family had created with the chairs. Preceding Yessenia were two of the sweetest little flower girls you have ever seen. They sprinkled the walk way with flower petals. At this point, Dan was facing away from the aisle. He waited until Yessenia had made it halfway down the aisle before he turned around so he could really see her.

They had decided to do a traditional first look. They waited to see each other for the first time as Yessenia was walking down the aisle. Everything about the moment when they first saw each other was perfect. Everyone was in tears. It was so clear how much these two love each other.

Once the two joined hands at the front of the aisle, the officiant started their intimate Sapphire Point elopement ceremony. The words he spoke brought tears, laughter and smiles to everyone who was there. Yessenia and Dan shared their vows and exchanged rings. The wind was picking up at this point and the two of them had a hard time putting the ring on each others finger because it was getting so cold. The officiant said a final prayer and officially announced them husband and wife. Yessenia and Dan shared the sweetest, most wholesome first kiss. It was full of giggles and overwhelming joy.

Celebrating The Newly Weds!!

After their first kiss, Yessenia and Dan made there way back up the aisle. Their guest celebrated their marriage by showering the couple in bubbles as they held hands walking up the aisle. As soon as everyone had cleared their chairs from the overlook, the couple continued to celebrate. They popped open a bottle of champagne and sprayed it into the sky. Everyone was laughing and cheering!

After the champagne had been shared, a family member brought over a thermos full of steaming hot chocolate. He poured each of them a cup in hopes of warming up. There’s nothing that a good warm drink can’t fix.

Exploring The Mountain Among The Snow Clouds

Once the initial celebration has ended, all of Yessenia and Dan’s family members returned to their cars and went back to the lodge to warm up. Yessenia and Dan choose to brave the cold a little longer. They explored more of the area around Sapphire Point where they had their ceremony.

At this point, snow started dumping on the couple and their Sapphire Point Elopement quickly turned into a winter wonderland. Huge chunks of snow started falling and was getting caught in their hair and clothes. It really created a level of magic that everyone was not expecting.

The couple hiked through the forest and explored the area. They ventured to the edge of the cliff and enjoyed the view when the snow clouds started to lift. The temperature dropped again to almost 15 degrees. The couple curled up in a blanket so that they could warm up and continue to enjoy the magic of their Sapphire Point Elopement. They didn’t want this day to end.

The Beautiful End To A Magical Sapphire Point Elopement

Eventually everyone was soaking wet from all the snow and even though you couldn’t see it, the sun had slipped behind the mountains. It was starting to get very cold. Yessenia and Dan hurried back up the trailhead towards the road and ran up the road to their car. With the heat on full blast, the couple made their way down the mountain towards their lodge. This is where they met up with their family and friends. They all shared more hot chocolate and dried off before heading to a local restaurant for dinner.

Yessenia and Dan’s Sapphire Point Elopement was nothing short of a winter fairy tale. It was filled with love and laughter. They experienced the harsh beauty of springtime in the Colorado Mountains and they were showered with love from their family and friends.

Yessenia & Dan,

Thank you both so much for allowing me to celebrate such a special day with you and all of your family and friends. Your Sapphire Point Elopement was something straight out of a fairytale. You were both such troopers for sticking it out in the cold. The love you two share with each other is simply contagious. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! Here is to your next big adventure!

If you are ready to start planning your own elopement at Sapphire Point, reach out and lets start planning your own adventurous elopement.

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