Elopement Outfit Ideas- 7 Tips To Help You Decide What To Wear

You have decided to elope. You have planned out your most perfect day, and you have everything else organized. That just leaves one question. “What are you going to where?” The answer could be as simple as: “it is your day, just wear whatever you want.” But I know that you are here for more guidance. That is why I have compiled a list of things to consider when you are deciding on your elopement outfit.

This list is not only tailored to all those brides out there. These ideas are also helpful for grooms who are deciding what they want to wear on their wedding day.

Elopement Outfit Ideas

  • The location
  • The time of year
  • What activities you will be doing on your elopement day
  • Your personality
  • Your budget
  • Transporting your outfit
  • Comfort

The Location

Are you eloping on a beach? The desert? On top of a mountain? Maybe you are taking a helicopter to the top of a glacier. Wherever your adventure is taking you, consider the terrain and the climate of the location you have chosen. You will want to pick an elopement outfit that fits in well with the background and terrain, but also allows you to stand out in a good way. For example you wouldn’t want to pick a dress that is short without sleeves if you are going out to a location with a lot of snow. Think about what outfit would make sense in the environment you are eloping in.

The Time of Year

The time of year you decide to elope in is one of the most important things to consider when picking out your elopement outfit. For example, you wouldn’t wear a summer dress to Alaska. And on the flip side, you wouldn’t wear a heavy dress with sleeves to the beach. Dressing for the weather is one of the most important things you can do when planning your elopement outfit.

If you are eloping in the summer in a hot location like Arizona, try and find an outfit that is light weight, with breathable material. If you are having a snowy, winter elopement, try to find a dress that has sleeves. You could also consider wearing tights and heated socks underneath your outfit. Many couples will bring additional layers to add to their outfit so they can stay warm. Having layers allows you to take them off if you get too warm during the day. Long story short, plan for the weather and the average temperatures in the location you are eloping in to ensure you are prepared and comfortable.

Activities You Will Be Doing

When you are picking out your outfit for your elopement, consider the different activities you plan on doing during your day. Many couples I work with plan to take a hike and many of them choose to wear their dresses and suits while they hike. If you are doing an activity that requires you to be physically active, I recommend you find an elopement outfit that allows you to move around and is flowy or flexible. This way you are not restricted by the outfit you choose. If you are planning activities where you might get your clothes dirty, consider that when selecting your outfit. Ask yourself, “am I ok if this gets a little dirty?” “Will this outfit be conducive for the activities we have planned?” Picture yourself on your elopement day doing all of these exciting activities and try to imagine what you are wearing. How do you feel about wearing that particular outfit?

Your Personality

Your elopement day is a celebration of you and your love for your partner. You have chosen to elope because you want a deeply meaningful experience that is personal and a direct reflection of you! The clothes you choose to wear should be no exception to that. Find yourself an elopement outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Your outfit should be an extension of you, your personality, and your personal style. Do not feel pressured to wear something that does not make you feel like yourself.

Your Budget

No one likes to talk about money or a budget, but it is so important to know your budget when you are picking out your elopement dress or outfit. Sticking to a budget will ensure you have enough money to cover the other expenses associated with your elopement. I encourage you set a clear budget and stick to it. If you are on a tight budget, there are so many places to find elopement outfits that fit your budget. Check out one of my favorite websites for budget friendly elopement dresses.

Transporting Your Elopement Outfit

Most of the couples I work with choose to have a destination elopement. That said, they all must travel to their location. Determining how your elopement outfit will travel with you is a key part in helping you decide what you will wear. If you are flying, figure out how you will pack your outfit. Will you pack it into a suitcase? Or maybe you will you place it in a garment bag and carry it on to the plane with you. (Check with your airline to make sure they allow you to carry on wedding dresses). If you are driving to your elopement location, find a safe place for your outfit. Make sure it is not getting tossed around with the rest of your luggage. Sit down with your partner and discuss your travel plans and how you will want to transport your elopement outfit.

Once you arrive to your location, ask yourself if you plan to wear your elopement outfit all day or will you change into it later in the day? For example, a couple who is hiking into a remote location may decide to pack their outfit in a backpack while they hike and change at their ceremony location. There are so many things to consider when it comes to transporting your elopement outfit. So if you have questions about how to transport your clothes or want to discuss logistics, feel free to reach out! I am happy to help!


In the end, your elopement day is a celebration of your love for your partner. You will want to be fully present on your wedding day. The last thing you need to worry about is being comfortable in your elopement outfit. Definitely pick something you feel beautiful and confident in, but don’t let that be the deciding factor when you finally say “yes” to the dress! Make sure you are choosing an outfit that fits you well and above all, is something you are comfortable in. I recommend something that is flowy and not super form fitted where you movement is restricted. I also suggest getting your elopement outfit tailored if needed. That way you are not spending all day pulling up your trousers or your dress.

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