Planning an Elopement So you have decided you want to have a wedding day that is fun, stress free, and intimate. A wedding day that is all about you. You want to celebrate your love in a way that is meaningful and exciting. Maybe you want to have an epic adventure. You have taken the […]

Bride and groom look out across an alpine lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in the fall.

I am here to encourage all of my couples to have the elopement that THEY want. If that includes a private ceremony with only an officiant and a photographer… Then I say go for it. However, couples are often stuck with this idea that their family HAS to be present at their wedding day. If this is something that does not align with your ideal elopement day, there are so many other ways to include your family in your elopement day without them being physically present.

You have decided to elope in Colorado. You know that Colorado is a place full of adventure and stunning back drops. But choosing to elope is only half the battle! Now you have to decide WHERE you want to elope. You have to decide where you want to share your vows and what you want […]

Melanie and Charlie had spent months planning their Boulder elopement at Chautauqua Park. And finally, after months of great anticipation, today was the day to live out their most perfect day! I met Charlie and Melanie at Chautauqua Park in Boulder CO around midday. They had planned for a sunset ceremony and everything was coming […]

You have decided to elope. You have planned out your most perfect day, and you have everything else organized. That just leaves one question. “What are you going to where?” The answer could be as simple as: “it is your day, just wear whatever you want.” But I know that you are here for more […]

What To Do At Your Elopement Ceremony? You have said yes to a lifetime of love with your partner, you have chosen the PERFECT location to have your elopement, and now here you are planning your day. This leaves a lot of couples asking a very similar question: “What do I do during my elopement […]

Courtney and Mike’s love story is not your traditional love story. It was not love at first sight and it definitely did not start out like your typical romance. When I asked how they met, they both laughed and told me it was all very random and quite the story. Neither of them expected to […]

Planning an elopement can seem like an overwhelming task, but in reality, this process should be fun and stress free! You threw away the traditional wedding rule book for a reason. And even though there is less planning involved in an elopement, they do require their fair share of planning and intention. That is why […]