Hoosier Pass Elopement Guide | How to Elope in Hoosier Pass

Located in the heart of Colorado, you’ll find Hoosier Pass. It is a breathtaking location that offers mountain and lake views, making it a beautiful setting for an elopement. Located south of Breckenridge and north of Fairplay, this pass sits at an elevation of 11,542 feet, offering easier access compared to its neighbor, Boreas Pass. It’s also a bit less crowded too!

This location really is absolutely dreamy, so if you’ve chosen to elope here – this Hoosier Pass elopement guide is for you!

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Getting to Hoosier Pass

Hoosier Pass is easily reachable via State Highway 9 between Breckenridge and Alma. The drive up to the pass is incredibly scenic! And the final stretch of the way offers a preview of the epic vistas awaiting you!

Permits and Legal Stuff for Your Hoosier Pass Elopement

Not all locations will require a permit, but certain wilderness areas, protected sites, and Colorado’s National Parks often do. You’ll need to secure these permits in advance to guarantee your spot is reserved and so you’d be able to have your photos taken there.

If you choose me as your Colorado elopement photographer, I’ll help you figure out what permits are needed and help you obtain them! You can learn more about my Colorado elopement packages here!

And if you’re wondering how to make your Colorado elopement legal, here’s a blog for you!

Elopement Activities & Hiking Trails

Hoosier Pass is great for hiking, biking, camping, as well as winter sports! So whether you’re all about that hiking life or just want the views without sweat, Hoosier Pass has got you covered.

Hoosier Pass Loop is a very popular trail that’s about 2.8 miles long and has minimal elevation, making it an easier hike for your elopement day.

West Side vs East Side Loop

The West Side Loop offers gentle trails with immediate rewards. You don’t need to venture far to find breathtaking views that serve as the perfect backdrop for your elopement ceremony. This side is ideal for those who desire mountain vistas without the commitment of a long hike.

For couples who crave a bit more adventure, the East Side Loop provides a slightly more challenging journey, offering unparalleled natural beauty. Like the West side, the views are great right fromt he start, ensuring that every moment is picturesque.

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Best Time to Elope in Hoosier Pass

While Hoosier Pass is a stunning location year-round, choosing a mid-week day for your elopement can help you avoid the crowds, especially on weekends. Here’s what you can expect season by season:


The weather in spring can be highly unpredictable, with conditions ranging from snowstorms to sunny days. Snow from the winter months often persists, sometimes into late spring, so be prepared for a mix of conditions.


Late June through early August is wildflower season at Hoosier Pass, offering vibrant hues against the backdrop of the Rockies. However, with much of the hike above the treeline, be prepared for direct a lot of sunlight.


Hoosier Pass may not be the prime location for fall foliage seekers due to not having a lot of aspen trees here. However, its early snowfall can add a magical touch to your elopement. If you prefer to avoid snow, consider eloping earlier in the fall season.


Expect deep snow and magical winter sceneries. Be prepared for challenging conditions, including potential avalanches. Snowshoes are a must, and it’s crucial to stay informed about the weather and avalanche reports.

bride and groom during their hoosier pass elopement day

Ready to Get Married in Hoosier Pass?

I hope that this Hoosier Pass elopement guide has been helpful as you’re preparing for your big day in Colorado.

And if you’re planning your elopement day, you may be on the lookout for your dream Colorado elopement photographer and adventure buddy! If so, I’d LOVE to meet you! You can learn more about me here!

And if you’re looking for more elopement planning resources or inspiration for what your day could look like, check out the rest of my blog!

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