Denver Elopement At Juniper Pass

a bride and a groom hold hands and walk through a field with a lake in the background.

How To Have a Denver Elopement

Denver is considered to be quite the destination for people visiting the state of Colorado. Complete with an international airport and easy access to the mountains as well as the downtown scene, Denver seems to have it all. There are so many incredibly beautiful locations within an hour of the Denver metro area. It’s no wonder why people from across the world come to Colorado to have a Denver elopement.

When I connected with Casey and Michael they said they wanted to have it all. They wanted epic mountain views but also access to downtown Denver to be close to the night life. Luckily for them, there are tons of epic locations on the outskirts of the Denver area. After looking through a handful of options, they chose one of my favorite locations- Juniper Pass. It really was looking like Casey and Michael were going to “have it all” for their Denver elopement.

Getting Ready In The Denver Art District

I met both Casey and Michael on the morning of their elopement at The Art Hotel Denver, Curio Collection located down the street from the main capitol building. This chic and modern hotel was an absolutely beautiful place for the couple to get ready. They selected two separate rooms for them to get ready. I met Casey at her room and was pleasantly surprised when she opened the dog and their sweet 6 month old puppy greeted me with puppy kisses and all the love. Her room overlook the Golden Triangle and had these beautiful windows that let in the most gorgeous natural light. After helping Casey with a few final details, I let to meet up with Michael.

He was staying in a slightly smaller room with his parents. When I met Michael he was already dressed except for his tie. Between his mom, his dad, and myself, it took us over 20 mins to figure out how to attach the clip on tie. We managed to laugh our way through it and eventually Michael was officially dressed to the nine. Afterwards, he exchanged gifts with both of his parents and shared a few special moments with each of them before going down to the hotel lobby to have a first look with his bride to be.

This is a close up image of a woman's hands as she helps to fix the grooms tie.

First Look At The Art Hotel

Before making her way to the elevator, Casey had Michael’s mom meet her in her room to help her put a few final touches on her dress. Then they made their way to the elevator together. I went ahead to make sure Michael ready. He was shaking and so nervous. Eventually we heard the ding of the elevator and Casey came out to meet Michael in the lobby. When Michael turned around, you could see all the nerves fade away and the nerves were replaced with joy. They shared the sweetest first look and enjoyed the company of Michael’s family. Then they went back to Casey’s room to get their new puppy to bring to their ceremony. Once everyone was ready, we all drove up into the mountains for their Denver elopement and ceremony.

A Ceremony With a View: The Best Denver Elopement

The drive up to Juniper Pass is not for the faint of heart. It winds and curves around each corner of the mountain. At a number of turns, you are faced with sheer cliffs that follow the road up. But despite the challenging road, the views at Juniper Pass are well worth it. We all met the officiant at the parking lot and then walked together to the overlook. The ceremony location protrudes out onto a huge rockface with views of Mt. Evans in the background. It truly is an iconic Colorado destination.

With their closest family surrounding them, Casey and Michael said their wedding vows to each other on the top of a mountain. The wind was swirling through the valley as they exchanged rings. By the time they were pronounced husband and wife, the sun was beginning to dip behind the peak of the mountains. It was the most perfect intimate ceremony. Afterwards, Casey and Michael spent some time celebrating with their family. Everyone was smiling ear to ear and enjoying all the “post wedding” feels. Eventually, Casey and Michael had their family return to Denver and I was left with them to explore the area!! For more information on How To Include Family In Your Elopement, check out this post.

Exploring After The Ceremony

Casey and Michael spent the late part of the afternoon dancing on the cliff side and celebrating their marriage. As the sun was beginning to set we found a nearby lake and spent the evening exploring the shoreline. Casey and Michael found a bench on that overlooked the lake and spent some time snuggling and reminiscing on everything that brought them here. How they met. Their proposal. Michael even told Casey about their struggle with the clip on tie earlier. Afterwards, they took their puppy out for a walk and played around with him. Everyone enjoyed the cooler mountain air and the smell of pine trees. There was so much love and laughter that hung in the air as the sun set behind the mountains. It was the most perfect afternoon and the most perfect way to end their Denver elopement.

Planning Your Own Denver Elopement

If you are looking to have an epic Denver elopement or maybe you want to plan your own adventurous elopement, I would love to chat with you. For more information on where to elope in Colorado, you can check out this post here. Otherwise, reach out to me and we can start crafting your own adventure. Wherever your elopement day takes you, I am here for it! Cheers my friend and happy planning!!

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