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A Colorado Winter Wedding

Cozy sweaters, snowflakes dancing in the wind, mountain slopes dotted with skiers. That’s what you’ll find in a Colorado winter. The allure and romance that comes with winter is why so many couples flock to the mountains of Colorado during the winter months. Wilmarie and Quang were among those that chose to embrace the cold and celebrate their marriage in the frozen mountains. Wilmarie and Quang came from Texas to elope in Colorado. They had been planning their Colorado winter wedding for over a year and it was finally the week of their big day!

The Week of Their Colorado Winter Wedding

Together we watched as the weather changed. Each day that passed seemed to show more and more snow for their wedding day in Rocky Mountain National Park. After watching the weather predictions, we decided to meet earlier for the ceremony. We wanted to avoid any potential road closures leading into or out of the park. We brainstormed a handful of backup plans in case there was too much snow and went into their wedding day with fingers crossed. Having a Colorado winter wedding can require so much planning but it is so worth it.

A Snow Storm and A Ceremony

After hiking through the snow, we arrived at the ceremony location. It was completely surrounded by clouds and flurries. Snow was falling and the air was cold. Wilmarie and Quang bundled up and we made the trek from the parking lot to the ceremony location. We arrived at the overlook and saw that the view was gone. Absorbed by the snow clouds and the snow was falling faster. The two of them came prepared and were ready to say their vows and have their Colorado winter wedding… in the middle of a snow storm!

They each read their personal vows to each other and exchanged rings (despite frozen fingers). They were pronounced husband and wife. Wilmarie and Quang shared the sweetest first kiss as snow danced around them. The world was quiet and the two of them huddled together to celebrate their love and their marriage. After warming up, Wilmarie and Quang signed their marriage license, making their marriage official.

Running Around In The Snow

We spent the next few hours exploring the ridgeline and playing in the snow! Between pictures, we would gather underneath one of the nearby pine trees and warm up. We spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating their love in the best way they knew how. Traveling and exploring a new place together. After a few hours of enjoying the sights (and freezing in the snow) we headed back to the cars and headed down the mountain. Wilmarie and Quang enjoyed a warm meal down in Estes Park as a final touch to the most beautiful Colorado winter weddings.

Are you dreaming of a Colorado winter wedding and want to start planning your adventure? Not sure where to start? Check out this free elopement planning guide or feel free to reach out to me and we can work together to plan your most perfect wedding day!

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