How to Deal with “Bad” Weather During Your Elopement

The first thought that pops into most people’s heads when they start planning their wedding day is, “What if it rains during our elopement?!” And I totally get that! However, if you’re choosing to elope, nature has its way of adding its own unpredictable touch. Whether it’s the possibility of rain, snow, a storm, or a heatwave, it’s important to be prepared. And no, don’t stress about this before you absolutely have to – but it’s a good idea to have Plans B & C ready just in case.

As a Colorado elopement photographer who has captured love stories in all kinds of weather, here are some tips to navigate “bad” weather during your elopement.

Understand the Weather Patterns of Your Elopement Location

Before locking in a specific date and location, research typical weather patterns for your chosen date. Understanding the seasonal trends can help you prepare for potential weather scenarios and make informed decisions about your elopement plans.

Your local vendor team, including your elopement photographer, will also have insight for you on how to navigate unpredictable weather, so don’t be afraid to ask!

bride and groom with a clear umbrella during their rainy colorado elopement

Check the Forecast

Once your big day starts approaching, be sure to check the weather forecast. Do not get stressed about it if it looks rainy! The weather can still change at the last minute. However, it’s good to be prepared and know you might need to change some of your elopement day plans. And also know – THAT’S OKAY!

Get Some Props Ready To Go

Depending on how you envision your elopement day, there are a few “props” you can prepare if you’re worried about the weather forecast.

  • Rent or buy a tent: this is a great option if you need shelter against rain or wind. Just be sure to keep in mind the Leave No Trace principles when it comes to setting up your tent!
  • Clear umbrellas: these are both cute and practical! They can protect you from the rain while being incredibly photogenic. You’re looking for something like this!
  • Throw blankets/Shawls: Incorporate neutral-colored throw blankets or shawls that align with your elopement style. They’ll keep you warm and comfortable, and you can easily remove them for photos. 

Weatherproof Your Hair and Makeup

You definitely want to weatherproof your makeup and make sure it can withstand some rain! I’d also do a little something with hair; however, don’t overdo it and create a stiff hairstyle. Hair blowing in the wind looks so pretty and natural!

Communicate With Your Vendors

Your vendors are your allies in navigating unexpected weather. Ask them about their experience with various conditions and their suggestions for backup plans. Also make sure you communicate if you need to change plans from your side, and check with them to see what their rescheduling policies are. Most vendors would only cancel in really dire weather conditions. Which doesn’t happen too often, but it’s a good thing to know!

Also, ensure your photographer is experienced and ready to capture your wedding day in various weather conditions. They should know how to navigate any setting and weather phenomena (like wind, rain, fog, etc.) and have a weatherproof camera!

Have Multiple Backup Plans

Having Plans B, C, and D ensures that you’re prepared for any scenario. Whether it’s securing an indoor venue, changing the time of day, or even having a flexible date, the more backup plans you have, the more relaxed you’ll feel.

If you hire an elopement photographer who also helps you plan your day, they will help you make it all happen so you can enjoy your day to the fullest. I’m one who helps my couples navigate every step of their day, and you can check out my packages here!

Don’t Overlook the Heat

Most people automatically assume “bad” weather only means rain. However, you can also get hit by a heatwave. Make sure you are bringing along plenty of water in a refillable water bottle! I’d also make sure your makeup is sweatproof, and you’re wearing SPF!

Embrace it All

My final tip is just to go with the flow and embrace it all! So what if it rains? So what if you get a bit dirty? We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we feel and handle the situations. Your day will be perfect with any and all imperfections! It’s all part of the adventure!

If this blog was helpful, you can check out the rest of my blog, where I share a lot more tips, resources, and elopement inspiration! And if you’re looking for your dream elopement photographer and someone to help you create the day of your dreams, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Reach out to me here!

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