Why You Should Ditch Tradition And Elope In The Mountains of Colorado

There is something so romantic and freeing about ditching a traditional wedding and celebrating your wedding day YOUR way, surrounded by nature. The world is filled with so many diverse landscapes and incredible scenery, why would you consider anything less than an adventure elopement? This is your sign to ditch tradition and start this new chapter in your life out with the biggest adventure yet! This is your sign to have an adventure elopement. So if you’re looking to elope in the mountains, I’m here for it! But first, let’s consider why eloping vs having a more traditional wedding is SO worth it. 

Benefits of Eloping vs Wedding

If you’ve ever thought, “What are some common reasons people choose to elope today?” you’re not alone! Eloping is a relatively new idea that comes with so much freedom that it’s hard to believe why everyone doesn’t run off to the mountains to elope! Here are a few reasons why many couples like you are throwing tradition to the wind and choosing to have an adventure elopement.

Authentic, Meaningful, Intimate

Nowadays eloping doesn’t mean running away in secret, but rather planning a day — an EXPERIENCE — that’s authentic to you. Elopements give you the freedom to focus on the two of you, your journey, and your love story. An opportunity to have a “just us” experience. Your elopement day can be as unique and adventurous as you are while also feeling incredibly meaningful and intimate. 

Less Stress, Less Planning

Let’s face it, traditional weddings can be overwhelming and expensive. There can also be a lot of stress that comes with traditional weddings such as keeping to certain timelines, questioning who to actually invite, potential family drama, and all the work that comes with planning the occasion. It’s just not for every couple, but that’s ok! Choosing to elope removes a lot of the typical wedding stressors that come with traditional wedding planning. Eloping truly does allow you to really relax, go with the flow, and fully enjoy your wedding day.

More Focus on YOU Two

When you elope, you can put the stress and obligations to one side and create new traditions to celebrate together for years to come. You can focus on your vows (which is arguably the most meaningful part of the day). You can focus on creating a breathtaking adventure together. A bucket list adventure that truly marks the start of your new lives together. When you elope, you can curate an intentional, and meaningful day that celebrates the love you share.

Why Do People Elope?

Many couples realize that a traditional wedding isn’t for them. And let me be the first to tell you that that is OK! Adventure elopements offer couples the opportunity to turn their dream wedding day into reality. Even if it means ditching modern wedding traditions. 

The question then is ‘Where should I elope to?”. For nature lovers, I highly recommend eloping in the mountains of Colorado, with spectacular surroundings that not only serve as gorgeous backdrops for your photography but genuinely reflect who you are as a couple. Here’s what to expect from a Colorado mountain elopement — and why it could be perfect for you:

Celebrate your love in an intimate way

While Colorado itself has a number of small and large elopement locations, the grandeur and awe-inspiring size of the mountains in the background truly help ground you in the present moment. 

Eloping makes you realize just how big this world is and what really matters — the two of you and the love you share. And what better way to celebrate that than shouting it from the top of a mountain? That’s something that can get lost in traditional wedding celebrations.

Have an adventure together

Your life is intended to be one big adventure, so why not kick-start this next chapter in your life with an incredible one? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy like jumping out of the plane (unless you want it to be). But maybe you could plan something that you both love doing together. Something that could create your ideal elopement day. An adventure that you will talk about for years to come. It could be hiking through the local mountains, exploring a Colorado mountain town, off-roading to a secret alpine lake, or even going skiing!

It’s SO freeing

Compared to a traditional wedding, the idea of an elopement is so freeing to begin with, but that’s multiplied tenfold when you choose to have an adventure elopement. And what better place than the Colorado mountains? There’s simply no better place to feel like the world is your oyster. To daydream about how epic and open the future is for the two of you. 

With an adventure elopement, the pressures of conforming to wedding traditions or family obligations are completely off the table. Instead, you can be fully present and enjoy your day. You get to have a “just us” experience. A day that is 100% about you, no strings attached. 


Traditional weddings are expensive, there’s no getting around that. Eloping is much kinder to pockets and you can choose to spend your money on something that will be meaningful to both you and your partner. Thanks to the myriad of free activities and places to see in Colorado, you’ll be spoiled with choices!

Insane locations!

Let’s face it, mountain elopements are nothing short of perfection and a surefire way to get epic wedding photography! Colorado is FILLED with locations for your elopement, with each one better than the next. This is the perfect opportunity to explore new places together and create a personal day that celebrates who you are as a couple. And, you get to read your vows against jaw-dropping landscapes and start your honeymoon early!

OK, I’m sold. Where can I elope in the mountains in Colorado?

Eloping in Colorado pretty much guarantees picture-perfect landscapes filled with mountains, aspens, lakes, and awe-inspiring nature that’s gorgeous no matter when you visit. Here are some of my top locations for a truly special, intimate elopement:

  • Crested Butte: A cute mountain town with everything you need for your day in one place! Having a small wedding in Crested Butte is a relaxed (and affordable) option, ensuring an epic celebration in undisturbed beauty.
  • RMNP: A Rocky Mountain National Park elopement offers panoramic views of mountains, alpine lakes, and waterfalls with unfiltered raw beauty. The ultimate location for nature enthusiasts!
  • Breckenridge: Micro weddings in Breckenridge are gorgeous any time of the year with breathtaking wild aspens and large mountains as your view.
  • Colorado National Monument: One of the best mountain elopements in Colorado! The winding canyons and red sandstone mesa are spectacular, providing a striking backdrop for your day.
  • San Juan Mountains: Towering mountains, blue lakes, and beautiful summer wildflowers are just some of the reasons why you should elope in Colorado, here!
  • Great Sand Dunes: A spectacular place for a minimal and romantic day. Incredible dunes, rivers, beaches, wildflowers, forests, mountains as the backdrop — what more do you need?
  • Maroon Bells: Marrying at Maroon Bells Amphitheater is a popular option for enchanting views — think snow-capped mountains, alpine lakes, and colorful woodlands!
  • Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods): Eloping at the Garden of Gods is all about dramatic landscapes — distinctive red rock formations, contrasting greenery, and gorgeous mountain views. No charge, no permits, and no entry fee either! 
  • Ouray: This charming mountain town is the perfect place for a no-fuss adventure elopement in Colorado! Ouray weddings look like a scene out of The Sound of the Music filled with shimmering lakes, sweeping valleys, mountains, and wildflowers.

If reading this mountain elopement guide has convinced you to ditch tradition and elope in the mountains, I’m with you! I’d love to help you celebrate your day as your Colorado elopement photographer – message me anytime and let’s start planning. I cannot wait to begin this epic adventure together!

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