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I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and the desert will always have my heart. So when Kassidi and Andrew reached out to me to be their Tucson engagement photographer, I was PUMPED!! I will always find reasons to return to Tucson to relish in the warm weather and 365 days of sunshine. At the time, I was still living in Colorado, but would not miss the opportunity to celebrate Kassidi and Andrews engagement with them.. So I booked my flight from Denver International Airport to Tucson to meet this sweet couple in the desert to share their love story with them.

A Beautiful Engagement Session

On the afternoon of their engagement session, we met at the base of Mount Lemmon. (One of my absolute favorite places in the world). We spent some time catching up and preparing to have an amazing afternoon. After a while, we jumped in our cars and made our way up into the mountain. Our first stop was only a few miles into the mountain. the overlook was surrounded by the typical desert vegitation. Fields of ocotillo and the ground was dotted in prickly pears. And towering overhead were saguaro cacti. The view was breathtaking and at times it felt surreal. We spent quite a bit of time dancing among the desert floor, and exploring the corners of the overlook.

Finding a Hidden Gem In The Desert

From there, we continued the drive up the winding road. We breathed in the fresh mountain air and soaked up all the mountain views. Eventually we found a secluded parking pull out for us to explore and start taking photos. We hiked a ways up the trail until we found a grassy field. The kind that is simply asking to be frolicked in. Haha! Kassidi and Andrew skipped, danced and eventually snuggled up among the swaying blades of grass. We all enjoyed the cool breeze as it ripped through the pine trees. After a while, we packed up and headed even further up the mountain to our final destination.

Hazy Sunset At Windy Point

As Kassidi and Andrew’s Tucson engagement photographer, I was so excited to take them to one of the most picturesque locations on the mountain… Windy Point. Located around milepost 14, you will find a large parking pull off and access to a mild boulder field. Some of the rocks jet out over expansive valleys and you could see all the way down the mountain to the city of Tucson. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as you will soon see), Tucson had experienced heavy winds in the days leading up to Kassidi and Andrew’s engagement session. This caused the sky to become hazy.

Typically, Tucson is known for it’s dramatic sunsets due to the dust particles suspended in the air. However, with the high winds, the haze was too much to create those beautiful desert sunsets. Instead, we saw the whole mountain turn into different shades of orange, red, and even a little purple. It was a wild experience to be completely engulfed in the haze as it changed colors. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying this rare experience, laughing at stories and celebrating the engagement of Kassidi and Andrew!!

Cheers my friends! I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! I am so grateful to have been your Tucson engagement photographer.

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