Colorado Mountain Elopement at Sapphire Point

bride and groom smile to each other under an umbrella while it rains during their Colorado mountain elopement

Why You Should Plan Your Colorado Mountain Elopement at Sapphire Point

Between the stunning views, easy access and the serene wilderness, Sapphire Point is the perfect place for your Colorado mountain elopement. Only 15 minutes from downtown Breckenridge and 10 minutes from i70, Sapphire Point is one of the most easily assessable mountain venues in Colorado. If you are looking for expansive mountain views and a touch of adventure, this location really has it all. This location does require a special use permit which can be found and applied for here, but beyond that, Sapphire Point is incredibly easy to access and use for elopements and small weddings. It is no wonder that couples and family flock to this part of the Colorado mountains to elope. Caleb and Becca were among the many newly engaged couples to travel to Dillon Colorado to elope with their closest family and friends.

The Morning of Caleb & Becca’s Elopement

It had been raining all morning. The forecast for the day showed 100% chance of rain up until 10pm. I had been texting Caleb and Becca all morning working on a back up plan. I spent the morning gathering as many layers as possible. As many umbrellas as I could find for all the guests. I searched for ponchos in case their guests were unprepared. Anything I could do to make their wedding day as comfortable and enjoyable as possible despite the turn in the weather. I explained to Caleb and Becca that I was still more than happy to photograph their elopement at Sapphire Point despite the weather. I even told them that sometimes harsher weather makes the most beautiful wedding photos. We agreed to proceed forward with the original plan. Throwing caution to the wind and embraced whatever Colorado had for us.

A Beautiful Colorado Mountain Elopement Ceremony

When I arrived at the parking lot it was pouring rain. The clouds were grey and hanging low to the base of the mountains. It was looking pretty grim for Caleb & Becca’s Colorado mountain elopement. With each passing minute, the rain starts to let up. By the time Caleb and Becca arrived, the sun was starting to warm up the afternoon sky.

Everyone arrived in warm clothes and had umbrellas to spare. We all walked down the gravel path towards the overlook at Sapphire Point. All of their guests helped wipe down the white ceremony chairs that were puddled in rain water. Once everyone was seated, Becca, with her father and maid of honor made their way down the aisle to the edge of the overlook. In that moment, the rain had stopped and everyone was holding their breath waiting for the ceremony.

They had a family friend officiate the ceremony. Becca and Caleb had also written each other personalized wedding vows. They were the sweetest words of love and promise I don’t know how everyone kept it together. Then they performed a unity ceremony and braided the 3 cords on the cross to symbolize their unbreakable bond between them and God. (Other unity items and ceremony ideas can be found here). After completing the unity ceremony they exchanged rings and sealed their marriage with the sweetest first kiss as husband and wife. Everyone cheered and then everyone had cheered again because the rain held out the entire time.

Exploring Sapphire Point

After taking a handful of group photos, Caleb, Becca and I were able to explore more of the hidden trails around the overlook. We started hiking up towards the parking lot when it started to rain again. Becca held onto the train of her dress, but by this time it was already soaked with mud. (Becca completely embraced the dirty dress vibe and didn’t allow it to ruin her wedding day). We spent some time enjoying the endless mountain views and even welcomed the soft drizzle of rain. Caleb and Becca really had made the most of their elopement day. They soaked up each rain filled, precious moment and really had an elopement that was one for the books.

Colorado Mountain Elopement Intimate Reception

The celebration of Becca and Caleb continued two days after their official Colorado mountain elopement ceremony. After their formal Colorado mountain elopement ceremony, they invited all their guests to The Lodge at Breckenridge for a more official reception and celebration. Similar to their elopement day, it was cloudy, overcast and a little rainy. They do say a little rain on your wedding day is good luck and these two really embraced that the past few days.

When I arrived at the lodge, everyone was enjoying dinner together. The dinning hall was electric. Laughter and love simply oozed from all the corners of the room. At that time we began the toasts. Their family and friends had so many wonderful things to say about them and Caleb and Becca were completely showered in love. Afterwards, the happy couple cut their cake and shared dessert with all their guests. Then they continued to celebrate with everyone by opening up the dance floor and playing a few light hearted games (the shoe game was their favorite). I was able to sneak away with Caleb and Becca for a few more “sunset” photos but the the thick layer of clouds covered whatever sunset was left.

We returned to the celebration in the lodge and everyone danced the night away. Surrounded by Caleb and Becca’s favorite people, the newly weds happily began their new life together as husband and wife!!


Photography: Alexa Jade Photography

Planning: Colorado Micro Weddings

Videography: Miranda Adame

Ceremony Location: Sapphire Point Overlook

Reception Location: Lodge at Breckenridge

Florals: Ruffly Rose

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