Garden of The Gods Wedding

If you are looking to elope or have a Garden of the Gods wedding, this is all the inspiration you will ever need! Tucked away in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Garden of the Gods is the host to stunning views and a unique landscape. This oasis is only a few minutes from Downtown Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City. The vibrant red rocks and abundant hiking, biking and running trails makes this a popular destination for many outdoor enthusiasts. Which only makes sense that Colin and Leah chose Garden of the Gods to be the backdrop for their intimate wedding.

Colin and Leah took a road trip out to Colorado Springs with the intent to say their vows and finally tie the knot! They decided on a small wedding in June at Garden of the Gods. I was thrilled when they reached out to see if I was available to be their elopement photographer! We had spent the previous months emailing back and forth. We discussed all the details to make sure everything was perfect for their wedding day.

Just Dancing In The Rain | The Wedding Day

Fast forward to the day of the wedding… The weather forecast projected rain for the afternoon and evening, with the highest chance projected during their ceremony. I was already in route down to Colorado Springs and decided to give Colin a call. They were both getting ready at their air bnb and enjoying the afternoon together. When Colin answered the phone, I could hear them both laughing. Everyone seemed to be in high sprits despite the turn in the weather and we all decided to meet at Garden of the God’s earlier in hopes of beating some of the rain.

We got to the meet up location and the light was perfect! Garden of the Gods was putting on quite a show. I remained hopeful we could beat the rain. As soon as Colin and Leah arrived, we all agreed to start taking photos while we waited for the officiant. They both looked absolutely stunning. Leah was wearing a beautiful nude and white dress with floral details. And Colin rocked a blue suit and a peach tie which matched Leah’s bouquet and hairpiece. I later found out that Leah had made her own bouquet, hair piece, AND veil specifically for her Garden of the Gods wedding!

Portraits At High Point Overlook

As we explored the area, I asked them how they met which led to even more laughter as we reminisced on their love story. We captured some individual portraits and as we started to really get into the flow, it started pouring!! The rain had caught up with us. At this point the sun was casting this beautiful golden light onto the mountains. Rain mixed with the sunlight created a scene out of a fairytale. Colin and Leah decided to embrace the weather and continue taking pictures. Everyone was laughing. It was pure and total bliss. We gutted it out for another 10 minutes but the rain picked up to the point where we had to run back to the cars and wait it out.

Eventually the rain slowed down and we were able return to the overlook. For a while it was only the three of us. We took advantage of all the open space and had so much fun exploring and taking more photos. Leah is an artist back home. She is a painter and she had so many fun and creative ideas to add to the shoot.

And… A Little More Rain | The Ceremony

When the officiant arrived at the overlook, it started to drizzle again. We all agreed to take advantage of the lighter rainfall and proceed with the ceremony. We hiked down from the overlook to a more private location where the two of them could say their vows. At first it was raining, thank goodness the officiant brought a cute umbrella to keep everyone dry. By the end of their intimate wedding ceremony, the sun came bursting through the clouds! I honestly do not have words for the magic that was created in that moment. They promised their love to each other with only the trees and the red rocks as their witnesses.

After the ceremony, Colin and Leah signed their marriage license, making their Garden of the Gods wedding official!! They popped champagne and began to celebrate!! We spent the rest of the evening exploring amongst the red rocks and taking pictures. Everyone was smiling ear to ear (I’ll have to tell you, Leah’s smile was simply contagious. She was laughing and smiling the WHOLE time! I mean even looking back at the photos of her makes me smile).

The Most Perfect Garden of The Gods Wedding

On the outside, Colin and Leah’s Garden of The Gods wedding was not perfect. That’s right, I said it. Just hang in there with me. None of us expect it to rain off and on all afternoon and into the evening. Due to cloud coverage, we had a smaller window for those sought after “golden hour” shots. But despite all of the things that went wrong, the day was perfect. It was unique and special to them.

This is why I LOVE elopements and small weddings. It is the opportunity for the day to be about the couple and for the couple to make their day unique and special to them. Each detail that goes into an elopement or small wedding is meaningful and carefully thought out. Colin and Leah’s wedding day was filled with special and meaningful details. From her veil to her shawl she wore in the rain, there was meaning spread throughout this couples’ intimate wedding day. It was simply perfect! (Plus you could argue that rain on your wedding day is always a sign of good luck because it makes “the knot” stronger).

Trying to Plan Your Garden of The Gods Wedding or Elopement but Don’t Know Where To Start??

If you read through this post and you’re thinking “YES!!! This is EXACTLY how I want to marry the love of my life!!!” If you are thinking, you want an incredible adventure, then let’s get in touch! Even if you just got engaged and are considering an engagement session, check out this other post for more Garden of the Gods Engagement Session inspiration! With all the tips and tricks to help you plan your own Garden of the Gods wedding, I am here to help!

I am so excited for you and cannot wait connect with you and create your own epic adventure!!

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